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Jan 14, 2019

In which two ships end and one begins: Pacey and Joey implode, Dawson and Gretchen finish the break-up they didn't finish the episode before, Dawson and Joey continue their toxic friendship, and Jack and Tobey find a possible happily ever after. Plus, Traci and Charles discuss weird snack foods and why prom on a boat is...

Jan 7, 2019

Happy 2019! We're back and one-half of us is sick, so let's look at this as a transition episode. Gail has her baby, Joey thinks she might be pregnant, and Tobey becomes the victim of an alleged hate crime. Also, we have new designs in our merch shop AND Charles has finally started watching "The Office"! All good things...

Dec 17, 2018

Traci and Charles answer your questions about "Dawson's Creek," journalism, corn muffins, and more. Predictions are made, Funyuns are discussed, and we even have some podcast recommendations for you to end the year right since we're taking a 2-week break for the holidays! (And no, we're not dating - stop asking.)

Dec 10, 2018

SORRY ABOUT THE INCONSISTENT AUDIO QUALITY :( Traci and Charles follow our Capeside pals on Senior Ditch Day as Jen and Joey go to New York for Jen to confront her father, Dawson and Gretchen get stranded due to a flat tire, and Pacey and Drue end up drinking (and in trouble). 

Dec 3, 2018

We're back! Traci and Charles return from Thanksgiving break to talk about "high key famous" teachers, college financial aid woes (poor Joey), and what not to do with $15,000 (spoiler alert: #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe to put more than 5 minutes of thought into just giving it away). Also, we start feeling complicated...