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Dec 23, 2019

The one where Pacey and Joey get stuck in a K-Mart all night and are forced to have a conversation (and a fight) that we've been waiting for for almost two seasons...! Also: GOODBYE GOATEE! 

Dec 16, 2019

Time for a house party! Drunk Joey makes everyone play Spin the Bottle, Pacey and Jack worship a new TV, and we say goodbye to Emma (much to Charles' disbelief). Dawson and Audrey also go through some good healing at rehab as they stalk Toni Stark (not to be confused with Tony Stark).

Dec 9, 2019

Road triiiiip! Featuring...Seth Rogen? Season 6 continues its weird and winding journey as Joey, Eddie and Audrey head west; Dawson struggles with exerting authority on set; and Jen tries to find love for Grams. And honestly? We're not into any of it.

Dec 2, 2019

Does this episode have all the right moves? There's no Dawson, and barely any Jack or Jen, so we're not too sure... but we do find out a little bit about what happened to Eddie, we see Pacey continue to soar at his seemingly shady job, and Audrey continues to spiral.