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#WhatPaceyWore: 3x01 - Like a Virgin

Jan 29, 2018

At least that first shirt is just a normal looking Hawaiian shirt with no odd textures...


Jan 29, 2018

Welcome to season 3! New characters, a changing of the guard behind the scenes of the Creek (kind of), and more time spent in high school – what more could you want? Traci and Charles are ready to dive into everyone's favorite season, even if it begins with Eve.



Jan 22, 2018

Traci and Charles recap season 2 and discuss their top moments, favorite episodes, and the one-season/time characters they loved (and hated). Plus: revisiting Jack's epic milkshake-spilling incident and Charles gets emotional about #Pandie. What a great season.

Jan 15, 2018

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dawson's Creek, Traci and Charles connect with some of the other Dawson's Creek podcasts out there to talk about how they got into the show, what they love about it (and who they love in it!), and share all of the #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe lessons from over the years.

Note: THERE ARE...

Jan 8, 2018

A dramatic season finale like only "Dawson's Creek" could give us! Dawson exhibits tremendous personal growth, Joey's dad's redemption story ends with a not-so-happy ending, Jen and Grams reunite, and Sheriff Witter gives a heartfelt apology.