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Jul 29, 2019

Come for the "Dawson's Creek" talk, stay for the ghost theories. The Paudrey is heading toward rough(er) waters, Dawson finds himself in a film student's fantasy, and Jack struggles to study for his finals. Also, Joey spends the whole episode in the library trying not to kill her annoying friends.

Jul 22, 2019

GOODBYE, CHARLIE TODD. And yet...we're not happy with how he went out? Hmm... Joey says goodbye to this whirlwind romance, Dawson and Oliver go to New York and have a bonkers meeting with an agent, and Civilization gets new management (which spells trouble for the Paudrey). Where's Jack and Jen? :(

Jul 15, 2019

Happy 100th episode, Dawson's Creek! This episode is...fine. Dawson is back to being in love with Joey. Pacey and Audrey are dealing with defining their relationship again. Joey and Jen get into a confrontation about Charlie. Meanwhile, it's Jack who's really suffering and why is no one paying attention??? Also,...

Jul 8, 2019

Dawson is frustrated over the rough cut of his film, Joey flirts with Charlie, and Pacey and Audrey battle their insecurities. Plus, Grams has a new boyfriend! She's such #goals! Oh, and on this episode, Traci and Charles talk a lot about ghosts. Well, it's mainly Charles.

Jul 1, 2019

The Joey Show continues as she fronts Charlie's band again during a gig at a "distant biker bar club" and charms the crowd after a rocky start. Oh yeah, and then there's this whole story in Capeside with Lily's first birthday and Gail's growth and Dawson and Jen breaking up...