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Study Hall #3: Reviewing the reviews!

Sep 12, 2017

January 1998 was a very confusing time for TV critics. In Study Hall #3 (Sept. 11, 2017), we discussed these choice reviews and Charles declares his intention to email the LA Times about a plot line we apparently didn't know about.

Dawson's Creek - Ken Tucker (Entertainment Weekly) 

"Van Der Beek has handsome features attached to a face shaped like a cereal box."

Review: 'Dawson’s Creek' - Ray Richmond (Variety)

"Tech credits are all top-notch."

TELEVISION REVIEW; Young, Handsome and Clueless in Peyton Place - Caryn James (New York Times)

"Because the main characters are 15, it may be redundant to say the show is mostly about sex."

Picks and Pans Review: Dawson's Creek - Terry Kelleher (People)

"Attractive as well as articulate, all these high schoolers qualify for some sort of advanced placement."

These Teens Skipped Over the Wonder Years - Howard Rosenberg (LA Times)

"Turned on by his baby talk, Tamara kisses him passionately, an indication of what awaits in coming episodes, when we learn that Pacey is not her first student conquest."

'Dawson's Creek' Suffers With Its One-track Focus - Hal Boedeker (Orlando Sentinel)

"How come Dawson's Creek has nothing but sex and sex-related scenes? Are there no tests to study for? Athletic competitions to take part in? Financial crises?"